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Winners of the Australian National Training Award for Innovation in VET

Monday, 26th of February 2024

We are very proud to announce that The Bradford Institute of Advanced Education has recieved the gold award for Innovation in VET at the National Australian Training Awards in 2023!

This award is a result of the team’s excellent organisation and training of the fantastic group of community services students from the Roper Gulf Regional Council, a remote community in the Northern Territory.

Gold Innovation in VET award

 In partnership with the Council and supported by the National Indigenous Australian Authority, our team were able to deliver the Community Night Patrol program. The program aimed to improve levels of community safety and promote culturally appropriate conflict dispute resolution in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

It was a bespoke and innovative vocational education program that was developed in consultation with the community to ensure it met the individual safety and priority needs required by the community. It was specifically able to cater to the cultural and language needs of the student group, some of whom were Aboriginal Elders.

Where participants had prior knowledge, the trainers were also able to assist in identifying already developed skills and understanding to then simply fill in the gaps with highly contextualised training to ensure the student group could all be individually catered for.

Most impressively, the program achieved a 100% completion rate of all students, receiving a Certificate III in Community Services! Students will now have the option to go on and complete their Certificate IV or Diploma of Community Services. One graduate has even now applied for the NT Police Service.

We’re very proud of this achievement for our team and we look forward to seeing what kind of quality training The Bradford Institute of Advanved Education is able to produced in 2024!

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