The Bradford Institute of Advanced Education

BIAE Audit Report

Don’t enrol with a Training Provider until you have seen their most recent Audit Report

When comparing Training Providers

  • Don’t enrol until you have seen their most recent Audit report
  • Don’t enrol until you have seen the trainer’s CV
  • Don’t train with any provider who won’t give you the trainer’s direct email and contact number.

We are very proud of our Audit Report

And so we should be, we are 100% compliant!

We have an impressive stable of industry experts, trainers and facilitators for career development and trainings. Our lead trainer David Bradford is a former QUT Lecturer with 25 years experience in the Human Services Industry. He has been Director of 3 state government training colleges (Child Safety, Communities and Health) and has a keen understanding of workforce development. Our trainers have provided transformational learning to our clients through context alised, insightful and energetic presentations and expert staff development activities. This diverse and talented team bring insight and experience to the classroom with significant impact. David is experienced in leading training teams to deliver a wide range of training to large numbers of staff across diverse and wide geographical areas. We cover every state and territory.

There has never been a better time to get started! Connect to us on facebook or Contact us for more info.

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